Duration: 14 Weeks
Client: Volkswagen AG
As part of a new course at ArtCenter called Inside Out, I explored how service design can be holistic for international students who live in new contexts and the service provider MOIA, a new mobility brand from Volkswagen Group.
What is MOIA schüler?
Schuler, also Schüler or Shuler, is a German word meaning "student". Following a human-centered approach, the first task was identifying the context.
Secondary research led to uncovering international students as a sizeable portion of the population moving to new locations for better educational opportunities which their home countries may not necessarily provide.
These aspirational educational destinations like Germany, bring challenges with them, for example language, navigation and culture.
Primary Research
Next steps involved talking and understanding those challenges from international students themselves. Unstructured interviews were conducted to dig deep into transportation related challenges and positive aspects of transportation as well.
This led to framing a design brief: 
Can mobility help students immerse into new cultures while helping them stay on course(with their educational goals)?

Validating the hypothesis and understanding mobility challenges in a new cultural context.

Vehicle Walk-through

Try out the In-Vehicle User interface to complement the Students' journey through a day at school, an evening out and returning back to their accommodation. This prototype was made using Photoshop and Adobe XD.

To guide the ideation process, keywords were chosen from the interviews about what students were hoping and expecting a transportation system could be for them.

Design principles and journey identification mapping.

User Interaction
As part of the holistic concept, I designed User Interaction prototypes which explored gesture-based interactions to help provide relevant information (either navigational, cultural or entertainment)
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