DiDi Urban Lifeguard
Trans-disciplinary design studio sponsored by DiDi Chuxing
Team: Anshul Malhan, Char Zhang, Lavender Sun, James Leer
Duration: 4 Months
The Brief from the client:
"What are some future mobility scenarios that could impact DiDi?"
A vague brief that had our heads scratching for a bit. But we dug into the company and a quick Google search led us to something disturbing about their social ride-sharing program DiDi Hitch:
It became clear that we had to do something about this product.
Our initial idea was a system that came into action in case of an emergency. That direction proved challenging due to the spontaneous and uncertain nature of an emergency.
We quickly rallied our minds, brainstorming that the best approach to be safe is to mitigate an unsafe scenario from occurring.
All elements of the system including any mobility products and companion digital experiences should exhibit this intent.

Primary Research
We conducted a set of interviews with users who seemed to be vulnerable to the current systems offered through DiDi Hitch:
Young, working women who had long commutes typically from dense mega-city centers like Shanghai to the outskirts.

Coding the interview responses, we came up with behaviors all Urban Lifeguard systems and products should exhibit:
DiDi Trusted Pooling Concept
In-conversation Ride-hailing suggestions

Utilizing natural language processing and DiDi's integration with a smartphone could generate a safe ride-pool with people in the user's social network (e.g. colleagues commuting together).

Accompany Me
Providing users with a communication channel to speak to your ridepool or a DiDi agent after leaving the vehicle.
This concept feeds into the idea of deterring any situations where the user may appear to be vulnerable.
Exterior Design Concept / Anshul Malhan
Exterior Design Development / James Leer
Interior Design Concept & Development / Anshul Malhan
Client Feedback
My awesome team and our client presentation assets:
Exterior model, UX & VR Demo, Interior Model
Left to Right: James Leer, Char Zhang, Lavender Sun, Anshul Malhan