With the launch of the updated My Intuitive mobile app, the building blocks to increase utilization of a cloud-networked 'Intuitive account' are ready. In v10, we redesigned the log-in experience for Intuitive Accounts to integrate with the My Intuitive app seamlessly.
The surgeon log-in experience must enable surgeons to set up and begin procedures quickly.

UX Advantage
By logging in, surgeons will be able to:
•  accurately pick multiple procedures for Case Records. Case Records are how hospitals can track which operations surgeons are performing.
•  access previously saved ergonomics settings. This allows for quick adjustment of the Surgeon's Console to match the surgeon's preferred posture.
•  presets for energy delivery (e.g. cauterizing tissue). This allows for a quick setup of "Energy" settings that a surgeon prefers.
•  quickly import settings from a local account

As the lead designer on this feature:
•  Collaborated with Product Marketing, Human Factors, Systems Engineering, Visual Design, and Regulatory teams to align on priorities and scope as part of v10.
•  Design development included wireframing > prototyping using Figma > user testing > iteration to optimize the surgeon log-in workflow.
•  Design documentation completed as part of the PDP at Intuitive to submit auditable Interaction Requirements.
•  BONUS: Kicked off a design system for Da Vinci Xi in Figma for quick, consistent design development and prototyping.