Through secondary and primary research done in a previous term, our team uncovered that there is a shift in what we think of as an adventure. 
In 10 seconds, the old mindset of adventure was dependent on the adventurer, the vehicle's range and it's capability. The new mindset seems to be evolving towards the idea of trusting this new form of adventure and confronting new experiences together. 
If you're in the business of mobility and experiences, this matters because leveraging technologies like artificial intelligence, conversational interfaces and an experience oriented offering, we create opportunities for:
Unique experiences, that create unique moments.
Unique experiences, that create unique data.

Understanding the way an adventure vehicle is built, my team went on a field trip to study these vehicles. An event in Orange County gave us the perfect opportunity to explore this segment.

That's how a future off-roader starts. We purchased a bed-frame on Amazon that gave us the floor plan on which we could build our experience buck/ experience prototype

Looking in from the rear-right

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