Born in India, raised in Kuwait, I was the kid that would have my nose pushed up against the school bus window on the hunt for exotic sport cars. Car spotting was my favorite escape.
After graduating with a bachelors in mechanical engineering I had the opportunity to work for Honda R&D. There I created human factors guidelines for future Honda vehicles. I saw first hand the classic “design vs engineering” argument and realized that I needed to take the steps to build cohesion between the two disciplines.
Now as a hybrid of the two, I want to challenge the status quo, question assumptions, and combine thinking in order to design better. I drive critical discussions that allow for a multi-disciplinary approach, creating a common language that will allow for meaningful design.
In every moment, we design for a chosen context and all implications of our design must be considered. For me, it’s not about a singular moment, it’s about journeys, what effects them and how we navigate through them.

UX Design Technologist
Volkswagen Group of America, Inc.
Belmont, CA