Design with implications in mind.

Coming from a background in mechanical engineering, studying transportation design at ArtCenter encouraged me to take a human-centered approach to vehicle design. It allows me to challenge the way we design now so I can begin a discussion about the way we design vessels in the future.


“The effort to state a problem in such a way that a computer can be used to solve it, will distort your view of the problem. It will allow you to consider those aspects of the problem which can be encoded – and in many cases these are the most trivial and least relevant aspects.”

Christopher Alexander

What I like to work on:

Critical design & future building

Taking a critical design approach to challenge existing assumptions, preconceptions and givens of everyday life.

Human-Centered Research

Ethnographic and multi-dimensional approach to understanding how we behave in different contexts.

User Experience Strategy

Assimilate behavioural knowledge to create actionable strategies for users, communities, and businesses.